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Digital Assets in Digital Marketing

Hold tight and buckle up, This blog will give you clear vision of what is digital asset. It will only take 4 minutes to digest the whole thing and cover 3 main topics;

What is digital asset, usage and security. I will add some cherry on the top and you will be able to increase the value of your assets. Let's dive.

First thing first. What is Digital Asset?

A digital asset is anything that exists in a digital format and comes with the right to use. Data that do not possess that right are not considered assets. That is the definition of digital asset and we can find valuable information in this definition. RIGHTS, You know what it means. You have to own it, think about for a second, you own your instagram account, your posts, e-mail account but you don't own the platform. Have you ever seen crying influencers that the owner of the platform blocks them?

How to use it?

Now you get the idea of owning your digital assets, it is time to look for the usage, while we are talking about digital marketing we should have a purpose. Why did you create or buy that asset, if it is for showing other people (most of the time it is), you should choose the best platform for your audience, you can use your digital asset for reach, engagement or conversions each option comes with different KPI's. For reach you can measure it by; how many people seen your asset, for engagement you can measure reactions like; like, share, comment & save for conversions as you can guess, check the number of sales. But don't forget to keep copy of that asset and it's metrics. You will need it.

How to secure it?

You can have many followers in some platforms but you should think about if something bad happens that platform. Creating a customer list that contains contact information is the best action you can take and of course you should update it. You can use contact information like name, e-mail or phone number. By the way you should check the regulations like GDPR.

It is your asset, you owned it so you should consider keeping it safe, select a powerful password for your accounts, use 2FA and check your e-mails always if someone tries to login your account they will send an e-mail for information.

The cherry on the top,

It is about digital marketing, let's think about you have 2 identical objects in your hands, one has a label on it and it says "Made in GERMANY" what will be your feelings(feeling is essential because we make decisions over feelings but this is another day's topic, follow our asset ➝@planizzer so you won't miss it) Tag your name or brand on your asset, you should proud of it, if you are not nobody will. Share your knowledge, share your thoughts, ideas. Generate value.

Fehmi ATİCAN | Planizzer

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