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Is creating a persona hard?
Try this 👉🏻

Marketing personas are like the foundation for building your marketing house. 

Without personas, how do you know which message will appeal to your target market’s needs?

Or where to reach your audience to build awareness and drive them to your website?

Or what to write about in your content marketing efforts?

Or how to talk to your audience on social media?

What are marketing personas?

Composite sketch

A marketing persona is not supposed to detail one specific person and should never be based off one specific individual. Instead, it is a composite sketch that should be reflective of majority of people it is supposed to represent.t. 

Key segment of your audience

A marketing persona is meant to represent a segment of your target market, not the whole thing.

Speak directly to a defined audience

Marketing messages resonate more deeply with audiences when readers can relate directly to the information.

Portrait of a Confident Man

John is a 40-year-old digital marketing manager who has 15 years of experience and currently works for a major consumer-packaged-goods company. He is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing marketing campaigns across digital media and reports to the marketing director.

The director measures John’s performance by the overall brand awareness and online conversation rates
in e-commerce channels. Aside from striving to improve performance based on the metrics, John is also highly cost-conscious and believes that digital marketing spending should be as efficient as possible.

To manage everything, John works with his staff and also digital marketing agencies. He has a team of five people reporting to him, each handling different media channels. He has contracts with an SEO agency that helps manage the website as well as a social media agency that helps with content marketing.

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