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Is AI's Good Enough for Copywriting?

Copywriting is a really hard process, isn't it? You have a big to-do list for creating good copy. Bring up a good and catchy headline for your idea then research for content. Eventually, you must bring all these steps to complete your amazing copy. There is a lot of work to do, and so many tasks can empty your power. However, copywriting is the fundamental activity for effective marketing. We mainly use this power on blogging and advertising.

If some machine can write good copy, would you accept that? Nowadays, some software helps to eliminate all hard work and creates a copy. You just give some instructions to generate engaging copy.

AI and machine learning are expected to unseat 85 million jobs by 2025. There is no doubt that AI will affect writers but, I think there is some problem! Is AI really good enough for engaging copy? Some point yes, but mostly AI just gives some vision however you can not see clearly through from that vision. We use some software but the results are not good for engaging copy. All text was uninspired and barren.

Marketers and advertisers need a lot of content so they need so many good copywriters. They can see this technological development big chance for creating bulk content. Are copywriters scared of this situation? My answer will be a big NO because AI-based tools can create short and basic content that doesn't need expertise and research. Furthermore, AI-based tools lack the sympathy and emotions that humans have. A good copywriter wouldn't worry about AI replacing them.

You should see AI writing tools as a perfect assistant for some areas. Here are some perfect using areas for AI writing tools;

Brainstorming: AI can provide good content ideas, marketing angles, taglines, and headlines.

AI can optimize your content: Writers can take advantage of SEO tools that analyze Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and make data-driven recommendations using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Creating Content too much: If you need too much content, AI tools can assist you with this. For example, you need a hundred product descriptions for an e-commerce store but you don't have a writing department for this. You can be just a small start-up so that you leverage these AI writing tools and get a hundred product descriptions.

Afterward, AI-based writing tools can be beneficial for some points. However, It doesn't good enough for a complicated content-creating process. Consequently, the writer shouldn't scare off these tools just use them for their assistance. Instead of just creating content, writers should try to move into a strategic and consulting role.

Orçun Güney | Planizzer

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