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Is A/B testing money machine?

The Money Maker A/B Testing

The short answer is YES! Let's test if you want proof👇

What I love about SCIENCE is, that you seek proving! and you can find it. Then you should be brave enough to publish it and challenge the world to disprove it, even yourself.

A failure is a good option. If you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough. -Richest Man In the world ( for now )

The house is always wins

A/B testing is like being the house in the casino. You will be the winner. Always!

and I put my bet on it. You also can. Click that eye-catching button to put your bet. But first, you need to learn more about it so scroll down.👇

Calculating the risks

It is all about measurement. When you bet something you put table something. For this bet, you will only put 1 information and you will get more than one. If you lose you will still have the information you gave but you will lose your time. 5-second max. Get ready to give your time.

There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true Self - The smartest man ever lived.

Your journey to winning is starting now. Feel the excitement, I will guide you with an example and we will win together.

What is A/B testing?

Short answer: It is a tool for finding answers, so we need a question🤔

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Einstein

Do you agree with him? Hold on. We found a question let's use it for a/b testing

First Bet!

I mean first test, follow me👇

Click the button! nothing will happen on the screen but something will happen in your mindset. The mindset of Seeking the answer. And you will see yourself we will find the answers. It will cost less than the value of the answer so it will also help you to understand it.

Let's start the test 👇 Click the button.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” - Somebody thinks that Einstein said that.

I will put one info and some time to it and I will win. So you do the same and win with me.

Test No:1 | Do you agree with him?

Do you agree with him? - "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

I already clicked my answer. (It's YES)

Congratulations! you made your first test

Before going conclusion. Let's check what we did here;

we asked a question and gave 2 options. Binary. Yes or No. True or False. It is like a programming language. The language of the answers. A or B. It is not ABC testing

You can form your questions like Higher or Lower, Bigger or Smaller, etc.

It very much depends on the questions you ask but I will give you the SECRET. If you manage to ask the right questions you can reveal any SECRET.

I will give you a clean example and it will be our second A/B test. For revealing secrets you may need more than one A/B test but as you can see it only takes 5 seconds and believe me most secrets are even revealed before 7. It means if you can risk 35 seconds and 7 information you can reveal many secrets.


In this test, we will look closely at designing questions. A secret is a number. Only I know the number for now. And I will hide it. You will use my A/B testing template and you will find that secret. After you succeed you will get how to use this artifact to reveal secrets.

"With great power comes great responsibility"-an Uncle

👇Let's Start👇

Test No:2 | Finding The Secret

First, we need to define what we exactly want to know? What is the secret is a good start but not enough, let's continue asking because we already have some information about it. It is a number. Voila, can we measure it? YES.

Designing The Test:

It must be binary. It will be A or B, If it is a number you can make options like Bigger or Smaller, High-Low if you wish to say, I will give you the options you select it.

Question: Is the "x" ...... then the secret number?

We will shape the question in each test we will change the x till we find the secret

The Challenge

I will give the first test's question

Which number is bigger? The Secret number or "2"

I put 2 for x so it is time to test.

The first answer -> Secret Number is bigger than 2

Ok, what happened here we couldn't find the X so it seems you get nothing but look closely.

You gave one information and the time

information you gave is the X ("2") you still have that information. You spend 5 seconds on it. And your loss is only 5 seconds.

Let's focus on what you gained.

You take 1 information it is not what you seek but it will help you don't throw that information, you will use it for your next test.

information you got is the Secret Number is bigger than 2 so now ask your question to find secret. I will put one magical button below just think the x in your mind click the button it will ask the question magically and I will guide you to find my answer.

Finish your A/B Testing Now

👇Select any number and push the magical button👇

Now you made your test. You have 3 information now.

First info: 2

Second info: Secret Number is Bigger than 2

Third info: You know. You chose that but it is a number indeed so we can ask the same question till we find the secret.

the next information you will get while testing it the new number is bigger or smaller. So you have to ask the right person to get the right answer.

Now put your 5 second and 1 info (a number you choose)

Click the button.

Type the number.

And Voila!

You are one click away. Now I want to say THANK YOU! It was great to make the A/B test with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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