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How to Start an E-commerce Business (SHOPIFY)  

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Nowadays a lot of people want to make easy money with e-commerce. In our previous blog, we gave information about the platforms where you can do e-commerce for a free or low cost.

In this blog series, we will provide information on how to start your e-commerce business on the platforms that we mentioned. Let's start with SHOPIFY.

Shopify is one of the most used e-commerce platforms that allow you to sell your products in a virtual environment without software and programming knowledge. Due to cloud-based service, Shopify store owners can set up a fully functional e-commerce store without having to deal with any of the technical needs such as hosting, and server setup.


  • Shopify is a cloud-based service and therefore can be accessed from all internet browsers and devices.

  • It allows the store owners to create their e-commerce stores with minimum effort and without the need for technical knowledge.

  • There is 3rd party software support that helps to add the desired features to the system later.

  • There are over half a million shop users who can help each other.

  • It provides interface, theme, and coding services for a certain additional fee.

  • There are no software bugs.


There are three packages on Shopify.

These are;

Shopify Starting Package:

- 29$ Per/month

- It takes 2.9% + $0.30 commission per transaction.

- There is a 2% external payment commission.

Shopify Package:

- 79$ Per/month

- It takes 2.6% + $0.30 commission per transaction

- There is a 1% external payment commission

Shopify Advanced Package:

- 299$ Per/month

- It takes 2.4% + $0.30 commission per transaction.

- There is a 0,5% external payment commission.


1- Create Your Account

Visit and then take the first step of creating your membership by typing your e-mail address and clicking the “Get Started” button. The company name should be selected as the user name. After the membership process is completed, the store layout should be done, the products should be loaded, and the payment and shipping options should be set.

2- Shopify Account Setup

After signing up you will be taken directly to your store manager screen. You can now start customizing the look of your store, uploading products, and setting up payment and shipping.

3- Choose A Theme And Template

Shopify has its official theme store that is open to all users. When you use these themes, you are guaranteed to get full support from the designers.

4- Adding products to Shopify

Select “Products” from the left bar. Then you will see a blue "Add product" button appear in the top right corner of the page. When this page opens, you will be greeted with a product add page to add as much detail about your products as needed. When you have filled in all the required fields to add a product, click the "Save Product" button in the upper and lower right corners.

Now you are ready to sell your products 🙂




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